Dance Moms’ Christi Lukasiak Gets Real: The Ups and Downs of Reality TV Fame, the Benefits of Personal Branding & Coaching Gen Z on Adulting 101

Christi Lukasiak

I love love love this week’s guest, Christi Lukasiak. You might recognize her from the hit reality Lifetime series Dance Moms, but I actually first became aware of her when she joined my community and became one of my coaching clients, and it wasn’t until after that point that I learned about her time on reality TV. We’ve since become friends, and what you see is what you get. On top of being incredibly smart and a boss, she’s just as hilarious as she comes across on the show and social media. 

How to Start a Podcast: From Idea to Launch in 2021

how to start a podcast

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through them, I may earn a commission which helps me continue to create this content (at no extra cost to you). Thank you so much for your support. So you want to start a podcast… now what? Podcasting is easily one of my […]

Emily D. Baker on Uniting Law Nerds with Pop Culture Legal Commentary & Choosing the Life You Want

Emily D. Baker

I love following pop culture, and one of my favorite commentators is someone who is making the law accessible and relatable through the lens of celebrity and influencer legal issues. Emily D. Baker’s content is the first legal content that I’ve truly been able to not only stomach, but actually enjoy since the time I became a lawyer, and I LOVED interviewing her for this week’s episode of Beyond Influential. If you like my content and personality, I know you’re going to like this episode.