Beyond Influential is all about helping you become the best version of yourself, both inside and out.

Beyond Influential is your go-to destination for curated recommendations, reputable information, and trusted tips, tools, and advice on the need-to-know topics for living your most influential life.

From the blog to the podcast, you’ll hear from Brittany and leading experts, noteworthy tastemakers, and up-and-coming voices offering their valuable insights on entrepreneurship, personal development, mindset, health, wellness, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and more!

We aren’t afraid to be curious, ask the hard questions, do our research, and share only what we love and what really works.

There is no single path to the life you want; we encourage you to take what works for you and leave the rest—every journey is different!

If you can see it, you can be it. And if you don’t see it out there yet, you can create it.

Brittany Krystle is the founder, visionary, and voice behind Beyond Influential—a brand that speaks to the modern woman.

She is known for her unique point of view and intentional approach to content and curation, including a discerning eye for vetting potential guests, relevant topics, and recommendations that resonate with her multifaceted, entrepreneurial audience.

Her audience can trust that her tips, tools, and advice have been tried and tested, and for any topics outside of her experience, she’ll bring in the experts who can provide the knowledge they need.

Beyond Influential started as a podcast when Brittany wasn’t hearing the information she was looking for on other shows. She wanted to go below the surface, ask the questions that weren’t being asked, and hear from the experts, whether they already have public name-recognition or are the ones doing valuable work behind the scenes.

Brittany’s ability to quickly build rapport with her guests, her own vulnerability, and curious and in-depth conversation style helps her accomplished guests to feel comfortable opening up and giving deeper insights.

These are all words our community has used to describe Brittany and her content. By being unapologetically herself, Brittany’s straightforward and articulate style has allowed her to empower others to embrace who they are and show up as their best selves, inside and out.

Based out of Los Angeles, Brittany is a powerhouse who has never fit into a box—from ditching the “traditional path” (she’s a non-practicing lawyer) to embracing her distinctive look (as a Latina + Eastern European mix), she combined her years of business and personal branding experience with her lifelong passion for fashion, beauty, travel, and wellness to create a platform that caters to the 21st century woman with limitless potential.

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