Jill Stanton on the Millionaire Mindset Shifts You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business You Love

Jill Stanton smiling

You are going to love this week’s episode! It’s an incredibly inspiring and empowering conversation with a badass entrepreneur I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know recently, Jill Stanton. I was familiar with Jill before we did this interview, but I really started getting to know her personally this year, both in 1-on-1 conversations we’ve had and in the virtual mixers she’s hosted. Not only does she know her shit, but I love her attitude and the other incredibly successful and cool women she attracts.

How to Say No to Requests For Free Work While Growing Your Business

A couple episodes ago, I talked about when you should offer to do free work (and how to approach it the right way- you can listen to that here!). Today, my bff and online business expert, Danielle Prahl, joins me for a follow-up conversation about the other side of that coin – I’m talking what to do when people ask you to offer your precious time and energy for free.

Cayla Craft on 7-Figure Sales Strategies, Mindset, Masterminds & Becoming Mommy Millionaire

cayla craft brittany krystle beyond influential podcast

Last week, Cayla Craft aka Mommy Millionaire interviewed me on all things personal branding, finding your voice, and LinkedIn (If you missed it, click here to listen).

This week I’m incredibly excited to share my interview with her. Cayla is a former nurse turned self made millionaire and lifestyle entrepreneur. She’s also an author, podcaster, content creator… you name it.

Kristin Prosser on Money Tips, Money Mistakes & Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs

kristin prosser brittany krystle beyond influential podcast

For this week’s interview, I sat down with Kristin Prosser, the CEO & founder of The Accounting Collective (and my bookkeeper), to talk about all of the basics you need to be thinking about with your business finances. This conversation really does apply to everyone. Especially if you have any interest in working for yourself in ANY income generating capacity.