How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Influence: Strategies to Get Started

How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Influence

One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to personal branding is how to monetize your brand and influence. While it may be easy to think that influencers with large follower counts are making a killing (insider secret: most aren’t), and that you’d need a large audience in order to make money from your presence (you don’t!), the truth is, monetization is really about strategy. 

Whitney Eckis on Building a Loyal Community Around Your Brand While Embracing Change

Building Brand Loyalty While Embracing Change with Whitney Eckis

This week’s episode is an interview with Whitney Eckis, founder of Eckis Marketing, a full-service marketing agency that elevates brands through social media marketing, influencer relations, and brand development strategy based out of San Diego, CA. (If her name sounds familiar, you might remember her from Beyond Influential Ep. 66 Influence is a Business where we chatted on her podcast, Under the Influence.)