Grow your business faster with less effort than anywhere else online using LinkedIn

without spending hours on the platform or stressing about “perfect” content

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you already know you need to build a loyal following online to grow your business.

You know you can’t ignore the online space. But social media is noisy and crowded. It’s like no matter how smart you are or how hard you work…

It can feel like you’re not going anywhere. Because getting results from social media — can be hard AF.

But you know you need to “get out there.” So you make the IG account, get on Pinterest…

And once you’re signed up for every tool and platform (you need it all if you’re gonna expand, right?) — it’s like “where do I even start?”

LinkedIn may not look sexy… but that’s to your advantage.
The results are hot as hell.

Here’s what you might not know...

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t have to be the answer. Phew, right?

After all, you don’t have time to execute on the strategies you know you need.

Instagram feels exhausting unless you can pay someone to be on it 24/7.

And quite frankly, being like “ta da, this is me!” is uncomfortable. It’s weird watching people share their whole lives on the internet.

And you’re not the type to post vacation pics when you really just want to talk about your business.

Which makes your ridiculously-ambitious self feel a little lost...

You ditched your 9-5 (or you’re planning to), and now you’ve got this business dream.

You’re not lazy… at all — you’ll do whatever it takes.

And if that means spending time in the frustrating world of social media, how about I make it as painless as possible for you?

Ready for it?

If you want to build your empire in the most “bang-for-your-buck” way possible — focus on LinkedIn

Here’s what no one’s talking about

(and honestly, people who are making bank on this platform, are pissed I’m letting the secret out)


And the good news is, you’re still early.

Imagine if you had Instagram all figured out before everyone and their literal dog was on it? Imagine the following you’d have? Imagine the easy repeatable process you’d have in place to get you real-life results every single month?

That’s LinkedIn right now. And though you haven’t missed out, this is a rare opportunity you don’t see on other existing platforms — so get on now.


LinkedIn is the largest professional platform with over 675+ million active users. I don’t care if you’re a professional cat brusher. There isn’t one business out there LinkedIn won’t work for.

And what’s better? People on LinkedIn are here to do business. They’re ready to network with you, join your email list, spend money on your services, buy from you, vouch for you, partner with you, etc. This is where the decision-makers are hanging out.


If people stay on the platform to consume, LinkedIn makes more money. Which is why in 2017, they made an obvious shift to embracing content creation.

So encouraging creators like you by getting your content in front of the people who matter — is the algorithm’s priority. LinkedIn wants to serve your content to people, even if you have a small following. And the best part… this is some of the easiest content to make online.


On LinkedIn you can get results solely through engagement. This is one of the only places online where you can get away with not creating content and still strategically and effectively grow.

It’s insane that you can do this.

A student of mine took her side hustle full-time through engagement alone.


You can apply easy strategies that encourage LinkedIn’s algorithm to put you in front of brand new, ideal audience members.

It might be your name and a piece of content you created. Or even just a comment you made on a thread. LinkedIn will put it in front of people who are perfect for you — even if you’re not connected, even if they aren’t following you.

It takes minimal effort; you just have to do it right.

You’re going to have to build your personal brand online no matter what — why not take advantage when you see an opening?

“In the past month, I received 35 speaking requests and booked thousands in gigs… The only change that I have made over the past two months that has dramatically boosted my inbound requests is posting regularly on LinkedIn.”

- Cam Adair

“I signed up for TLL on Monday. Today, 11 days later, I just signed my first private client via this platform. The investment in your program just landed me a $1,995 client. And it’s only just the beginning. Thank you for doing this work, and for sharing the light!”

- Chelsea Haines

Introducing The LinkedIn Laws

Your step-by-step blueprint to building your visibility, audience and income using LinkedIn.
I’ll walk you through the exact process, myself and hundreds of students have used to get results. Including attracting:

  • your ideal audience
  • inbound clients
  • customers, ready to buy your offers
  • dream PR opportunities
  • speaking engagements
  • brand partnerships
  • visibility and thought-leadership
  • + more
LinkedIn is incredible for making the right opportunities come to YOU. Pair this with a solid outbound connection strategy — your income, visibility & influence will explode.
This is your invitation to create a life where you…
  • Control the opportunities you attract and the trajectory of your business
  • Rarely worry about cash flow, because you have a pipeline of client and customer leads inside your private messages
  • Are asked to speak at industry-related events, on panels, podcasts, & more
  • Develop real-life relationships with quality people in your industry (without dropping hundreds on expensive conferences)
  • Receive inbound brand partnership inquiries if that’s your thing
  • Get crystal clear on your brand and what sort of content you should be sharing
  • Become a thought-leader in what you want to be known for (and if you don’t know what that is, I’ll help you figure it out)
  • Experience all the good stuff you WISH would happen on other social media platforms, but hasn’t (this became true for me after only a few months of being “active” on LinkedIn)

Did I mention I only spend 1 hour a week on LinkedIn?

Hey, I'm Brittany

Since working with some of the biggest names in the online space: Gary Vaynerchuck, Marie Forleo, Tom Bilyeu…

My job has been to get entrepreneurs results quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Most of my clients and students are also running businesses or working in high-powered positions, so

I’m into bang-for-your-buck solutions.

While I was working with GaryVee, I paid attention to LinkedIn, but it was still about covering our bases—not a focus of strategy.

Enter 2017 and sh*t started changing fast. I heard rumblings from people I respected in marketing saying this was happening. And the analytics I started seeing from clients made me do a double take.

I started applying what I knew about branding to myself on LinkedIn, and the results poured in QUICKLY. And with less effort than on any other platform.

High-quality clients and customers, 6-figure contract offers, public speaking invitations, brand partnership opportunities, real-life relationships with quality people, and most recently, an email from Arianna Huffington herself, asking me to be a contributor on

The crazy part is: my results aren’t uncommon. There is a replicable system and a formula to what I did.

Which is exactly what I’ll teach you in this course.

Success on LinkedIn follows a formula. Enroll today to instantly access it.

What's Included?

Module 1: Setting a Foundation + the Personal Brand Mindset

Putting yourself out there as a “personal brand” can feel weird. For most entrepreneurs, before you figure out what to say, you need the confidence to actually say it. Here’s where we’ll handle a few of those mindset things.

  • Why you need to be building your personal brand ASAP
  • Why LinkedIn is the exact place you should be doing it
  • Recognizing you have a unique perspective and the ability to impact people
  • Common mindset hang-ups that get in most entrepreneurs’ way as they start branding themselves and how to get push past them

“I would say the mindset shift and confidence to put yourself out there and forget about the haters is the most empowering piece.” – Jennifer N

Module 2: Getting Clear On Your Brand

It’s normal to feel clueless about how to talk about yourself and your business. A lot of entrepreneurs are also unclear about their “why,” their brand message, and other details about their brand. This module will help you out.

  • Get clear on your unique story, your goals, and who your ideal audience is
  • Define what your specific value add is and why someone would want to connect with you
  • Best practices for writing your LinkedIn profile–the most important real estate you have on the platform–to strategically attract your ideal opportunities and audience

“I’ve gained total clarity and supreme confidence about my brand – who I am, what I do and what my direction is going forward.” – Nikko Mercialo

Module 3: Creating Consistent Content (that doesn’t take hours)

If you have 3 thoughts about your business in a week, you can easily make quality content on LinkedIn. And if you do content right on LinkedIn, you’ll never need to pitch. If you didn’t know… the barrier to entry on “what makes good content” is soooo low on LinkedIn.

  • Create authentic, quality content that builds influence & visibility
  • The content types available on LinkedIn & their best practices
  • The content topics that perform best on LinkedIn & why
  • Important questions to ask yourself before posting and what not to post
  • The best content you need to be creating for your unique brand

“Previously, I was meekly chatting here and there, with a rudderless content creation strategy. Now, I am gearing up for a 4-month content calendar from September to the winter holidays that promises to be consistent, structured and, most importantly, fun!” – Matthew P.

Module 4: Attracting Your Loyal Community

If it freaks you out to even step onto LinkedIn because you don’t want to screw it up, I got you! Treating your community the right way is key to getting what you want out of LinkedIn. Here’s how to do it in a way that builds genuine relationships and won’t feel like your reputation’s at stake.  

  • How to connect with people on LinkedIn in a way that gets you results
  • How to attract your ideal audience through engagement (and best practices!)
  • How to approach community-building strategically and authentically
  • Understanding the algorithm (and what it means for you)

“I’ve become more comfortable reaching out to people I didn’t know. I’ve messaged with entrepreneurs, executives and marketing leaders I never thought possible. I’ve reached out to a luxury brand’s creative director and we ended up doing a video call.” – Garrio H

Implement right away, and you can start seeing results in the first week.
I’ll also throw in bonuses to help...

BONUS #1: 5-Day “Content to Connections” LinkedIn Jumpstart
(Value: $697)

Your first quick win in less than 20 minutes per day. From setting up your profile correctly, to engaging with people who matter, to publishing your first post—you’ll take effective actions and get comfortable using LinkedIn fast.

BONUS #2: LinkedIn Growth Hacks: Video Series (value: $197)

Understand LinkedIn’s algorithm and what’s actually important. Get intentional (and not spammy) with your content. Determine your unique benchmarks and apply a few advanced growth hacks to amplify your efforts.

  • How LinkedIn determines what goes viral
  • Why LinkedIn is making creators like you a priority
  • Understanding your analytics on LinkedIn (and deciding which metrics matter)
  • How “engagement pods” work
  • How to use hashtags & other non-spammy strategies to get your content in front of the right people

BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community (value: $497)

Your network is invaluable, and I don’t attract just anyone. Access our exclusive members-only Facebook community and connect with fellow high-achievers, operating at your level.

Connect, collaborate, get support, insights, and accountability from ambitious LinkedIn Laws students and alum. The members here may even be the people you’re trying to reach (or know those people!), so use each other as a resource!

Students say I should be charging 10x the amount,
but here’s the investment...



plus 2 additional monthly payments of $197

(regularly 3 x $267)




(regularly $697)

There are no limits to the real-life results you can create by building your personal brand online.

When entrepreneurs talk about growing their brands, they’re almost never thinking big enough.

Every industry has its influencers. Why shouldn’t it be you?

You can (and should be) in control of the opportunities you attract. What’s happening on LinkedIn is very real right now. Right now, you’re just one quality interaction away from getting whatever you want.

So what’ll it be for you?

To recap, sign up today and get all of this…

  • 25+ video trainings with Brittany (value, $2,997)
  • PDFs, worksheets, & checklists including Getting Clear On Your Brand & Audience Exercises, my One Month Content Challenge, and a bonus PDF if you’re early in your career (value, $1,000)
  • The 5-Day Content to Connections LinkedIn Jumpstart (value, $697)
  • LinkedIn Growth Hacks: Video Series (value, $197)
  • Private FB community to connect with other high-achievers like you: many of these people might be who you’re looking to connect with right now — leverage that! (value, $497)
  • All future course updates (priceless)
  • Access to the course for the lifetime of The LinkedIn Laws (priceless)

The LinkedIn Laws is valued at $5,388 but you can get it today for...



plus 2 additional monthly payments of $197

(regularly 3 x $267)




(regularly $697)

Sounds awesome, but I’ve got some Q's

Busy? The LinkedIn Laws was designed specifically for you. LinkedIn is as efficient as a social media platform gets. I really don’t spend more than an hour a week on LinkedIn and this course walks you through the most important steps, tweaks, and strategies to quickly and effectively set yourself up for success in a fraction of the time and effort it takes on other social platforms. 

Not only is the material self-paced and always available to revisit, you’ll also have access to Bonus Resources like the 5-Day Content to Connections LinkedIn Jumpstart to make sure even the most time strapped business owner can make progress without a team to help.

Yes, sign up. I know you’re hearing stuff like “build your brand!” But then no one shows you how to do it, and it feels like an abstract concept. Clarity comes from action, and The LinkedIn Laws will walk you through the steps you need to take to get there.

Past students with this similar challenge have told me the LinkedIn Laws was the only thing that tangibly walked them through this. It’s what module 2 is all about — so you can confidently position yourself, know who you’re talking to, and how to speak to them.

Great question! The short answer: it can take anywhere between 1 weekend to 1 month (if you want to take your time). The LinkedIn Laws is designed to get you up and running on LinkedIn as quickly and efficiently as possible – making sure you get results without skimping on the details.

Here’s a quote from one of my students:

“One key between-the-lines part of TLL is the consistent lack of fluff. You clearly value your audience’s time, Brittany.”

The course is broken up into a suggested “4 weeks,” so if you did 1 a week, you’d be finished with the course in 1 month. That said, depending on your learning style, you can finish it in a much shorter time. 

The best part is that this is a “go at your own pace” course, so there are no excuses not to finish. You’ll also have access for the lifetime of The LinkedIn Laws, which means not only will you receive any additional updates, but you can come back to it at any time and revisit any lessons as your brand and business evolves!

Honestly, anyone can benefit from it. But here’s a list to clarify:

  • Entrepreneurs (and those who aspire to be)
  • Business owners (small, large, brick & mortar, online, you name it)
  • Freelancers & independent contractors
  • Creatives
  • Thought-leaders
  • Bloggers & Influencers
  • Side hustlers
  • People transitioning careers (or wanting to take a side gig full-time)

Yes!  If you are a student, recent graduate, or early in your career, congrats on getting started at the perfect time! I created a PDF specifically for you in Week 1’s content on how to best approach the course.

Upon purchase, you will get a username and password to the course where you will find video lessons (with optional captions), as well as the exercises, worksheets, and bonuses you might need for each lesson. You can watch them on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer whenever you want.

YES, for as long as the course exists! I want you to be able to listen, implement, and then revisit this content when you need it. Social platforms are known to change, so not only do you get access for the life of the course, but you will receive any updates and additions I make to the course at no cost to you.

The LinkedIn Laws is a self-study course that empowers you to implement on your own. It does not include any 1:1 or group coaching. Past students have said the video trainings were so thorough, they never had any questions.

If you do need extra support, the Facebook community is an awesome resource. You can also inquire about my private 1:1 sessions for an additional cost. Feel free to email to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Here’s the honest truth: This course works if you do the work. It’s that simple. I currently do not offer refunds on digital knowledge-based products – please click here to read about my policy and my rationale behind it.

I really want you to make the best decision for you, your brand, and your business – so if you have ANY doubts or questions about whether this will work for you, send an email to, and my team and I will make sure you get the answers you need.

No matter what kind of business you have or want to have and no matter which industry you are in, The LinkedIn Laws works for you. (Service-based, product-based, knowledge-based businesses, creative entrepreneurs… it honestly does not matter.)

If you have any specific questions on whether it works for your particular business – shoot us an email at

The LinkedIn Laws is especially helpful for those in network marketing because one of the biggest mistakes I see from those in the MLM world is the ineffective tactic of only reaching out or creating content asking directly for the sale.

By using the specific strategies outlined in the course, you can make sure you are attracting people through content creation, adding value, and building relationships, so when you do ask for the sale, it will happen more organically. And when you implement the lessons the right way, people will be asking you about your business instead of you needing to convince them.

If you’re a side hustler, transitioning careers or industries, or just multi-passionate and trying to figure it all out, the course digs into how to position yourself strategically for your particular situation so you can get the outcome you want.

I’ve had students take the course while planning their exit from their 9-5. The connections they made on LinkedIn allowed them to leave sooner, and go on to make more money than they had been making at their full-time job, right out of the gate.

This course truly is straightforward and easy to implement – which is why I feel comfortable selling it as a self-study course. However, you aren’t in it alone! The course includes access to a private Members-Only Facebook group where you can connect with a community of like-minded action-takers who are serious about their brands and are putting these lessons into practice for themselves. It is an open forum to start conversations, ask questions, make connections, and support each other! This community is invaluable – take advantage!

My results and strategies do not rely on any additional paid tools, nor do you need them to achieve success on the platform. That being said, the choice to purchase anything from LinkedIn is up to you.

No. This course is focused on the personal page because people want to do business with PEOPLE. The algorithm is also more favorable towards content from humans over brands. So to clarify, we’ll be growing your business, but you will be the entry point. 

A company page is not necessary to see results for your business on LinkedIn, so we will not be covering setting up a “company page” or building an audience there when the personal page is much more powerful.

No. The beauty of this platform is that you don’t need ads to be successful here.

You’ll receive two emails – one from Kajabi with your login credentials, and one from me with additional details about the Facebook group, getting started, and tips to jumpstart your LinkedIn journey. You’ll also receive an email each week (look for “TLL Maximizer” in the subject line) to keep you motivated and accountable along the way. You’ll have everything you need to start getting results as soon as you join!

© Copyright 2022 . Brittany Krystle, LLC.

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