Beyond Influential Podcast Episode #87

Build Your Tribe by Being Unapologetically You

August 1, 2019
The girls talk vulnerability and authenticity on today's podcast

There’s a new trend spreading across pretty much every social media platform right now – Instagram especially – and unfortunately, it’s not pretty. I call it “inauthentic authenticity,” and you’ve definitely seen it before (and maybe even experienced it firsthand!). Social media tends to take swings from overly curated to showing the more “raw and real” side of things.  This means that there has become this trend of curating vulnerability and relatability for “ I love true vulnerability and seeing in behind-the-scenes.  It helps us realize we’re all just looking to make connections in our day-to-day to feel like we’re not alone.  So when someone gets down to your level or humanizes themselves, it’s incredibly powerful.  In marketing, influence, and just generally making an impact.

Authenticity and Vulnerability

Enter the “inauthentic authenticity” players who pander to the “vulnerability market” by faking “relatability” as a way to boost their engagement and stay relevant.

And unfortunately, a lot of people do this by putting others down (sadly, a majority of them women) who spend energy tearing each other down for being “too curated” or “too perfect”, rather than loving on and encouraging each other to do what feels right for YOU.

I keep seeing it in my feed more and more frequently – and so does my best friend and fellow boss babe, Danielle Prahl, and we are honestly fed. up. with. it. And had to discuss!

Because, you guys… I don’t care if you’re a full-face-of-makeup-fashionista or an all-natural-all-day-sweatpants-wearer, people are always going to judge you for your appearance – so why not say “f*ck it” and own who you are?


It’s your life, your body, and your business; you get to decide your own choices, so to hell with anyone else who says differently. As long as you’re staying true to who you are and what makes you happy, you will find success, you will find a tribe to support you, and you will do great things.

I guarantee it. So, in case you’ve been called out lately for not living your life according to someone else’s standards, feeling like you need to dim your light to not outshine others, or generally don’t fit in…

Danielle and I give you permission in this episode to dust yourself off, give the finger to the haters, and go be the badass self you are – however you choose to express that.

Tune in for practical advice on building your tribe:

  • Owning your unique style, personality, brand, & voice as what makes your business (not breaks it);
  • How to deal with trolls, haters, online bullies, & gender stereotypes;
  • Why women especially need to support & encourage one another, now more than ever;
  • How to build a tribe of like-minded friends, peers, followers, & clients around you without compromising your values;
  • How to spot Inauthentic Authenticity (& avoiding falling into its trap!);
  • Plus so much more!
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