Beyond Influential Podcast Episode #26

Sara Dietschy on Going Viral with Casey Neistat, Ditching the Daily Vlog & Living That Creative Life

April 25, 2018
Sara Detschy Going Viral

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This week, my guest is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with Peachy), who is a full-time creator and YouTuber based in New York City. If you want to get a sense of how loyal her fans are, you just have to look up #PEACHYFAM. Sara posts regularly to her YouTube Channel about tech & creativity and she also has a new podcast/ video series called The Creative Exchange.

In this episode, we covered a lot of ground including:

  • -Sara’s decision to drop out of college
  • -How to capitalize on virality the right way
  • -What happened after Casey Neistat helped her go viral
  • -Why she ditched the daily vlog
  • -The benefits of the Adobe Creative Residency program
  • -Why she is bullish on audio & podcasting
  • -Competition between YouTubers
  • -What will get her on Twitch (and more!)


2:04 – Welcome to this week’s episode of Beyond Influential. I am here today with my guest Sara Dietschy (rhymes with Peachy). She is a full-time creator and YouTuber based in New York City.

4:27 – For people who don’t know you do you mind telling the audience in your own words what you do?

6:47 – So I want to take it back to the time before YouTube, from growing up in Texas. Were you always creative? What was the dream at the time? 

9:22 – What were you studying in college?  You said you made it 3 1/2 years, so what was the impetus for dropping out at that point if you were only a semester away from finishing?

13:07 – What I think is interesting, and this something I’ve observed from the interviews and just generally, you were a great student, I did well in school, and there’s this thing where I feel like men who become entrepreneurs, for the most part, their story is they did awful in school and they were like ‘screw this,’ this wasn’t what they wanted to do so they just didn’t do it, but the female entrepreneurs I’ve talked to were like, straight-A students, they crushed it, they were doing what was practical, and then, later on, they were like, ‘OK, now it’s time to make a move…’

14:24 – When did you first start posting content online, and how were you getting this business?

16:47 – So when did the idea for Creative Spaces TV enter the picture, and what type of videos were the first ones you started taking seriously on YouTube?

19:08 – So did you have an ideal audience in mind then or were you making content just for you at that point, and for potential clients?

21:22 – So we have to talk about the “How to Casey Neistat A Vlog” video. Obviously, brilliant, it turned out wonderful for you, but I do want to point out that I think you’d be where you are now even without that video. So, if you could tell people who haven’t seen the video what it is, what compelled you to make it…?

28:39 – So when you were reaching out to Casey, were you expecting that if you got through to him that he’d see your work and you wanted a shout out, or were you thinking that maybe you could build a relationship, what was the mindset?

32:12 – I think you have to go narrow to get big. So you went from 4K to 90K subscribers. Can you just tell me how did that change everything? Did you start feeling pressure to perform, or were you just like, if they like you they like you?

38:08 – I’ve heard you say before that the people you generally look up to are Chase Jarvis, Casey Neistat, Gary Vaynerchuk, and, they’re definitely men. And I’ve been realizing more and more that the people I’ve looked up to in business and entrepreneurship, for the most part, have been male… And I think it’s so interesting that I didn’t have a female role model in that way. There was nobody whose career I looked at that I was like, ‘I want that career.’

39:17 – Not to make it too male/female… women seem to have a harder time bragging about themselves and putting themselves out there in that way.

42:47 – How does Gary play into the story? After the Casey thing goes viral, could you give some background on how you ended up emailing him?

48:08 – So it goes viral, you’re on Gary’s show, what’s next for you?

50:44 – So what are the obligations for an Adobe resident, and then what are you getting in exchange? What do they hope happens to you afterward, and what’s in it for them?

52:06 – So flash forward to now, what does your YouTube creative process look like now?

54:40 – Starting with titles, do you come up with what you want first and then come up with the clickbaity title?

58:56 – So I know you got an intern, but are you still doing all your own titles, tags, thumbnails, descriptions, all of that yourself?

1:02:36 – We were talking before about this, that delegation is really hard when you’re dealing with a personal brand. It’s like, OK, what can I actually delegate?

1:04:36 – Do you batch content?

1:05:20 – So we have to talk about podcasting. You have this new podcast. You jumped on Anchor, you were doing a daily anchor piece… Give me your thoughts on audio, what got you intrigued, and, up to now.

1:08:57 – So what is the goal of this podcast for you right now? (The Creative Exchange)

1:10:56 – You talk about diversifying, you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you’re doing a done of other stuff – are you just making sure to promote across all platforms or are you focusing attention aside from Twitter on any of those platforms?

1:13:11 – What’s the secret to influence, in your opinion?

1:13:57 – Is it ever super competitive around that atmosphere? Are you ever looking at what other people are doing? Do you even have time to watch content?

1:14:51 – Where can people find you?

1:15:05 – Was “Peachy” always a thing for you or is it something that came up later?


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