#35 Cam Adair on Digital & Video Game Addiction in the Age of eSports & Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

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The World Health Organization has officially recognized video game addiction as a disease. This is all part of a larger conversation around digital addiction and mental health generally that I believe needs to be happening at scale. I hope this episode is a small step towards a more global conversation and destigmatization.

Cam Adair is a speaker, entrepreneur, and pioneer on video game addiction. He is the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, serving 50,000 members in 91 countries.

Named one of Canada’s top 150 leaders in Mental Health, Cam’s work has been published in Psychiatry Research, and featured in two TEDx talks, Forbes, BBC, ABC 20/20, and Vice, amongst others. His videos on YouTube have over two million views.

Cam’s NY Times Article

On this episode, we talk:

  • -video game & digital addiction – what it is and some steps to take if you want to quit
  • -the rise of eSports & the implications for those prone to addictive behavior
  • -removing the stigma from mental health issues
  • -depression & anxiety in entrepreneurs & more


To connect with Cam:

Game Quitters

Game Quitters YouTube

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